Thank you for your interest in my ideas!

This list is a living document and will change as I better define my platform and answer new questions. 


I am an advocate of universal healthcare, as our quality of life is not a privilege but a right. While I believe that the ACA needs a fair amount of work, especially with regards to how insurance treats us, not to mention the whole concept that healthcare should not be a for-profit business. I don't think it's right for families to have to decide whether or not they're going to miss a bill or buy meds (or continue cancer treatments!). 


Women should have sole say in their bodies. Not based on the religious affiliation of legislators. Period.

I am pro-choice, and I believe the way we reduce the number of abortions is education. Comprehensive sex education in school, broken down as follows:

Elementary school: Body basics, so kids know the proper terms for their parts and the opposite sex. (Seriously, no one died because a six year old boy knew what a vagina is.)

Also start teaching about consent, body autonomy, about grooming and what is acceptable behavior from other kids and adults.   

Middle school: Revisit body basics, talk about how babies are made and dispel myths like 'you can't get pregnant the first time' and 'blowjobs keep you from getting an STI', talk about consent, how to say no, how to accept rejection without violence or social destruction.  Talk about resources available to kids, in case they aren't comfortable/unable to go to trusted adults.

High School: Go over body parts like the science that it is. Revisit consent and sexual myths. Talk about STIs, the stigma over pregnancy (stud vs whore), and involve them in the discussion.

This should be mandatory and not constrained by religion. You don't get to opt out, because your kids need to have this information, regardless of religious/non-religious upbringing, because their future is full of people who will use their naivete against them. 


I believe it is in the best interest of the government at all levels to provide and properly fund safety nets for the least of us. Children do not grow up being dependent on government handouts when this happens. They learn that as a community, we lift each other up, and in doing so, in having been lifted, they also lift others. 

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